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RELIQUIAE is a latin word that means relic 'an object with a great sentimental value that has survived the passing of the years'.

A name associated to outstanding emotion because, at RELIQUIAE, we envision objects intended to endure over time. Leather handbags and accessories that merge the expert´s know-how and contemporary design, guided by Héctor Jareño and his aesthetic universe.




We create and reinterpret freely using our own codes.



We like to amaze by giving free reign to our creativity.



The objective to our creations is to make life more beautiful.



1957: Juan Jareño, artisan upholsterer, establishes in Gijón.

1963: He opens a small workshop specialised in leather works.

Gifted with a demanding character, in his search for excellence, Juan Jareño highlighted his knowledge, merging thoroughness and meticulousness into his creations together with a great artistic sensibility and boosting his trade to the highest level.

He undertook National Heritage assignments and those of the most renowned families of the Spanish aristocracy and bourgeoisie. His last involvement before he retired in 2012, was the remodeling of the Al-Andalus, the luxury touristic train that travels across Andalucia.



2012: Juan’s son, Héctor Jareño, a qualified interior designer with great experience designing ephemeral spaces and exhibitions, founded RELIQUIAE after inheriting his father´s legacy.

Héctor Jareño is an art enthusiast and lover of the whole creative discipline and he, in all cases, understands his designs as a musing over the shape, the volume and the colour, creating the codes for a personal style that are inspired by the architecture with clear allusion to Bauhaus and the School of Madrid, Torres-García, Oteiza, Lloyd Wright o Mies van der Robe, and also making constant nods to the artwork of the haute couture masters such as Balenciaga or Pertegaz.

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