"Objects that are moving symbols of a coast that we aim to reach.” Ernesto Sábato

In 2014, Héctor Jareño presents a furniture collection, New Interiors, depicting his vision of design and his own idea of a one of a kind object from a reflection about shapes and lines and associating it to a variety of cultural elements in his artistic universe: the rationalist architecture, the organic design and the immense Spanish creative legacy, in particular the design schools of the 50s. But above all, for Hector Jareño, the design is inseparable from the intelligence of the hands, from the skill and sensitivity of the craftsman, that is why when creating the RELIQUIAE brand, he immediately thought about recovering the heritage of the Spanish artistic artisan tradition which is the essence of luxury “Made in Spain”.

New Interiors Collection was the designer’s career beginnings when he took over his father’s small upholstery and turned it into a luxury leather goods company. Héctor transferred his vision of an object full of emotion and meaning to unique handbags and exclusive accessories.

The ARCHY purse was born as an example of the rationalist design, architectonic structure and graphic dimension, which requires, on top of the highest qualification in leather goods, the use of an exceptional raw material. Nowadays ARCHY is a unique signature model for RELIQUIAE.

In 2015 TASAKI, sets his eyes on Héctor Jareño and offers him to be the artistic director of his first line of luxury handbags and accessories: TASAKI POR RELIQUIAE, a collection integrating RELIQUIAE’S creative eye, TASAKI’S jeweller’s DNA always following an exceptionally meticulous manufacturing process always demanded by Japanese. This collection gave RELIQUIAE awareness and exposure in 20 countries around the world.

The hallmarks of RELIQUIAE are the rigour and purity of the design, the permanent search and reflection on form, volume and colour, as well as the constant research on the subject and the integration of the Spanish artisan legacy. RELIQUIAE collaborates with The London College of Fashion and other creative art institutions such as “El Instituto de Empresa” or “Universidad Carlos III”. RELIQUIAE is a member of ACME (Asociación de Creadores de Moda de España) participates in a variety of forums related to luxury, craftsmanship and fashion in Spain. In addition to this, RELIQUIAE collaborates with artists in disciplines as sculpture, painting or photography to name a few or in solidary projects such as “Fundación Pequeño Deseo”. Hector’s attention to detail, sophistication and elegance has positioned him as one of the most promising accessories designers in Spain.

Reliquia. (From lat. reliquĭae)

f. What for having touched that body,

is worthy of veneration

f. Object or piece of clothing with a sentimental value

for having belonged to a loved one.



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